The management of cacophony

In customer gardening, customer communication is a central ‘nutrient’ of ‘interaction quality’. But this is difficult if the supplier speaks in different ways - if marketing for example speaks a different ‘language’ than service? The situation gets even more complicated when take into account the fact that listening is also a key part of communication. … Continue reading The management of cacophony

What has shaped the face of the last decade?

Looking back on the last decade, what are the factors that have shaped it? My immediate first reaction is to think about the growing services that keep you connected and empowered. That relates to high level technology, but when it comes to customer communication, most of my service suppliers appear to be slightly schizophrenic. Communication … Continue reading What has shaped the face of the last decade?

Waiting list for the year 33,730

X-mas preparations in our customer gardening lab Gardening Assistant: “Why all these stupid baubles, candles, tinsels that I have to hang on the firs? If those stand for all the value, why not grow the trees completely decorated? I bet, you, the big gardening scientists, you just can't do it.” Data Scientist 1: “You will not believe it, but … Continue reading Waiting list for the year 33,730