The virus is starting to hit the poor parts of the world

We want to help local healthcare teams to face the tsunami

Imagine that you live with 10 people in a 12 m² space without running water and a shower. What a good breeding ground for all types of germs and viruses!

As soon as the coronavirus reaches the poor parts of the megacities of Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Mumbai, we will probably see a tsunami of illness that we could never have imagined. The local healthcare teams have to imagine this. They are fighting huge problems with very little resources. But this virus is different.

Laura, the Mayor of a community in Sao Paulo: “In my mind I can already see a queue of 500 people in front of my door and I only have 8 beds for my 120,000 residents!”

This is a non-profit initiative by Metrinomics. We have built the app and tested it on site, but there is still a lot to do over the next few days and weeks as we roll it out. We need contacts, resources, and skills. If you have time to fill during the quarantine, please spend them with us. If you have unused cloud capacity, we could do with it for our project.

Whatever you think you can do to help us, please leave your contact details and relevant information so that we can make you part of the team!

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