Goodbye old times! Welcome new values!

When we speak about the “old times”, we are referring to the old view of things. Apparently, the coronavirus is dramatically changing our perspectives. In other words, it will change all of our values.

The first thing we learned is that our biological DNA is just as vulnerable to virus attacks as our digital DNA. As this is now becoming clear, we are becoming aware of a new threat. Knowledge can be used as a weapon against us by others. This sheds a new light on our healthcare system. We had seen it from an individual perspective; we have now learned something about collective values. The new way of thinking is very far-reaching and opens up great opportunities for new services and technologies.

The second change concerns personal contact or the value of de-personalizing personal contact. Either you prefer more distance or you value human contact a something special. Efficient de-personalization alone can be the solution to a number of problems: less travel, less Carbon Dioxide emissions, less unproductive time. This will be another area where the new values ​​enable new types of business models.

A nice job for every passionate gardener!

Let’s place the change in values into the context of a “customer gardening” model. Our “plants” (customers and businesses) have to grow under a new set of conditions. Some of the old breeds will not thrive, but there will be other plants that find a perfect environment for growth. No authority can preserve the old conditions. We are all responsible for a quick and intelligent adaptation.

A new perspective on the world; new values, new business models, new algorithms for growth in our “customer garden”. A nice job for every passionate gardener.

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