How to do sales without a sales person? Install a feedback loop!

You need a sales person, but whatever you do, good sales people are a rare breed. Even if you find a potentially good one today, it might take 10 years before they are at their best.

The key to successful sales is understanding the ‘why?’ in the purchasing decision. However, how can one get through to the ‘why’? The good thing about our digital business is that we have a lot of data. The bad thing is that all this data lacks one thing: subjectivity. Every data describes what something is and what can be tracked. However, it does not tell us how it is perceived by customers.

If you organize your data well, you just need a feedback loop with customers to build a powerful ‘why’ machine. Feedback creates the subjective environment for bringing converting your data landscape into sales. The hack to overcoming the lack of understanding the ‘why’ is to make subjective data the reference point and make your technical data the indicator. The feedback loop adds two important elements to your sales success. It tells you a lot about the real value that your product has for customers. In addition, it engages customers, who feel included and respected, which proves to be the most important driver of long-term growth.

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